RISE & Shine Webinar: Gender Equality Strategy & UN SDG5

RISE & Shine Webinar on the European Commission’s new gender equality strategy and UN SDG 5

On 12 May, RISE’s Managing Partner Katarina Wallin Bureau discussed the future of the gender equality strategy with Head of Unit for Gender Equality Ingrid Bellander Todino.

Below were some of the main takeaways:

    • In a post COVID-19 era, the need to advance towards gender quality is clear and more needed than ever considering how hard women are hit by the pandemic and its aftermath. It will remain on the agenda and be part of the discussion in relation to the recovery.
    • The three core pillars to the progress on gender equality will lie in:
      • Freedom from gender-based violence and restrictive gender stereotypes
      • Closing the gender gaps in the labour market
      • Gender equality in leadership
    • The Commission is strengthening its gender mainstreaming work, helped by the Equality taskforce in the European Commission’s general secretariat, and all current and future initiatives will be looked at with a gender lens
    • A key barrier to paving the way towards true gender equality remains that of stereotypes and biases which should be tackled by not only policy-based measures but also awareness-raising campaigns
    • The EU can improve pay transparency and promoting women in politics through legislation, and other priorities such as fighting online bullying and harassment, can feature in supported best practice
    • The European Commission will be pushing for EU accession to the Istanbul Convention but, should this not be possible, it will put alternative legislation forwards if necessary
    • Finally, business has a part to play at every level of the gender equality strategy, from allowing employee flexible working arrangements to pay transparency


“Gender equality is not a zero-sum game; it benefits everyone” – Ingrid Bellander Todino

Do not hesitate to reach out to us to find out more, on how this and the other 16 UN SDGs can play an integral part in delivering your business’ purpose.