RISE & Revitalise webinar: Managing health and well-being while working from home during COVID-19

RISE Senior Adviser and leading global campaigner on mental health Geoff McDonald shared his tips.

Some takeaways:
• You cannot pour from an empty cup – everyone is looking for leadership but those in charge need to look after their own health too. Maintain normal working hours, eat a balanced diet and exercise if you can.
• Limit anxiety by avoiding speculation – only use reputable news sources and manage how you follow the outbreak in the media, primarily through reduced social media consumption.
• Be compassionate with yourself – accept that this is a different rhythm and situation, and expectations of “normal” need to be adjusted or let go of on a daily basis.
• Acknowledge the importance of mental health – this is an opportunity for leaders to show compassion, build trust and communicate with teams through honest conversation.

Finally, be the CARRIER of kindness, patience, love and enthusiasm. These are highly contagious and easily passed on to others.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to learn more. We are here to help.