RISE & Shine Webinar: The European Commission’s Gender Equality Strategy and UN SDG 5

On 12 May 2020, RISE’s Managing Partner Katarina Wallin Bureau discussed the future of the European Commission’s Gender Equality Strategy with Head of Unit for Gender Equality Ingrid Bellander Todino.

Below are the main takeaways:

  • In a post COVID-19 era, the need to advance towards gender quality is clearand more needed than ever considering how hard women are hit by the pandemic and its aftermath. It will remain on the agenda and be part of the discussion in relation to the recovery.
  • The three core pillars to the progress on gender equality will lie in:
  1. Freedom from gender-based violenceand restrictive gender stereotypes.
  2. Closing the gendergaps in the labour market.
  3. Gender equality in leadership.
  • The Commission is strengthening its gender mainstreaming work, helped by the Equality taskforce in the European Commission’s general secretariat,and all current and future initiatives will be looked at with a gender lens.
  • A key barrier to paving the way towards true gender equality remains that of stereotypesand biases which should be tackled by not only policy-based measures but also awareness-raising campaigns.