What is your purpose?

Purpose definition & development

Drawing on extensive experience and the RISE methodology, we work with clients along the entire purpose development and strategy process. This includes helping organisations source their purpose through their heritage, as well as shaping a purpose in light of future growth opportunities. We guide organisations through stakeholder consultations and work with executive teams to articulate the final purpose, set ambitious goals, and ensure alignment with corporate strategy.

Managing risk

Regulatory risk & international policy

Corporate purpose does not prevent the risk to a company of changes in the regulatory framework that may impact its ability to operate. But monitoring that risk, and developing authentic mitigation strategies that consider a company’s broader impact on society, can help build trusted relationships and manage risk in the long-term. We provide high-level counsel on how to leverage purpose when navigating the regulatory and political landscape.

Telling others

Communications & stakeholder engagement

Employees want to work for a company that makes a difference in the world and that treats its people well; investors are increasingly looking beyond short-term value; purpose-led brands create stronger customer relationships. We develop strong, authentic communications to bring the purpose to life and engage all stakeholders.

Making it happen

Business transformation & embedding purpose

We help clients pull the right organisational levers to embed purpose and ensure it is lived throughout the company. The RISE methodology uses an evidence-based approach to identify where new business practices are needed and drive culture change. We can help build partnerships and make connections to other purpose-leaders.